Greenhouse sensors with scientific accuracy.

Track key parameters including substrate water content, EC and more from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Ensure your crop is always performing at its best.

BumperCrop helps to achieve optimal balanced conditions, improving yield and fruit quality while reducing costs.

Position BumperCrop where it’s needed most.

Compact, rugged and portable. Designed to deploy where precision monitoring is most useful to you.

Designed to compliment your existing system

Select the greenhouse sensors that provide the highest return for your business. Choose from substrate water content, electrical conductivity, substrate temperature, ambient temperature, humidity, sunlight and more.
Specifically designed for and tested in greenhouses. Substrate monitoring is intended for rockwool, cocopeat, peat, pearlite slabs as well potted soil mixes.
Access your data from a mobile phone, computer or via automated crop protection alerts. Advanced data graphing tools show a history of your data over time and allow you to set alert levels.
BumperCrop acts as an independent check on your system. It keeps running and alerting if greenhouse power or wifi is lost.

How Does BumperCrop Work?

The BumperCrop greenhouse sensor system includes an all in one data logger, cellular transmitter and power system.
Sensors are connected to the BumperCrop system according to your specific greenhouse monitoring needs. Up to 8 sensors can be connected to each system.
Greenhouse sensor data is automatically collected by the BumperCrop Core and then transmitted to the cloud where it is made accessible on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
Greenhouse sensor readings are taken automatically every 5 or 15 minutes, and updates are available to view daily, hourly or every 10minutes depending on the system model.

Simple to set up. Easy to use.

BumperCrop ships to your door ready to switch on. No wiring, configuration or manuals needed.
Install in 10 minutes and move to any other specific section of your greenhouse at any time.
BumperCrop utilises reliable cellular communication that works wherever your phone works. No additional network, gateways or other components needed.
The greenhouse monitoring software is intuitive and easy to understand. Automatic email updates can also be setup on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule.
Greenhouse sensors are priced from $1,000 - $2,000 + monthly data plans compared to tens of thousands of dollars for alternatives.

Proven Technology

Built from hardware components used in industrial IoT monitoring applications across Australia, New Zealand and the USA for over 10 years.

Adapts to your Setup

BumperCrop compliments your existing system. Get all of your sensor data online by connecting with BumperCrop.

Rugged Hardware

Tough hardware that stand-ups up in the greenhouse environment. Waterproof and compact. Mount anywhere without a cover.

1 Year Warranty

We are confident in our hardware and will replace it if there are any defects within 1 year.

Long Battery Life

BumperCrop is built to last with a 5 year battery life under normal operating conditions.


Our support team is dedicated to making your greenhouse as successful as possible. We respond promptly to all enquiries.

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