How to Get the Most From Your Labour Management System

Reducing system administration time and system cost



Labour management systems can improve the efficiency of workers between 5-10%, depending on which existing processes are in place. They make it possible to provide regular and unbiased worker performance feedback, and they facilitate the rewarding of good performers. They also provide precise data about crop performance, enabling continuous and faster organisational learning and improvement. When it comes to selecting a labour management system, a key factor is how much work the system automates. Managers are busy and don’t have a lot of time to spend tracking worker's activity, reviewing data, and training staff how to use the system.


Another important factor is cost. It no longer makes sense to pay a lot for a system just because it comes by a well known brand. With modern technology it’s now easy to adapt systems to growers' individual needs and to integrate capabilities and data across systems. Furthermore, maintenance and customisation to suit individual operations can be done remotely. This means excessive costs charged by vendors who bundle services together are no longer justified.


Roger Liu is the Assistant Grower at Gourmet Mokai where he oversees up to 60 workers working on 10 different jobs across multiple varieties and packaging types. He has been using the BumperCrop system for almost 3 years to allow him to manage these complexities with ease and at an affordable cost.


In total, he spends 2.5 hours a week managing the system to ensure all data and reporting is 100% accurate. This equates to 2.5 minutes a week per worker. If this detailed supervision were to be done manually it would take hours per worker. This is made possible due to fast data scanning, automated data correction and smart features that eliminate the possibility of errors occurring. 98% of the data recorded is correct in the first place due to the ease of use of the system, meaning minimal time is needed to review and correct data. “A great feature is the personalised job list. Workers can have a job list assigned to them based on their skill level. This means they are unlikely to select the wrong job. I can also view a map showing all work done across the site, which allows me to pinpoint any rows that need attention.”.


Because the system is simple for workers to use, training takes minimal time. It takes seconds for workers to log work in a row using personal scanners. Reports are automatically generated in the specific format that each grower needs, so no further work is required to obtain all of the data needed to effectively manage the operation.


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