Greenhouse Staff Management and Operational Efficiency

Improve staff performance with task tracking, real-time dashboards and results-based rewards.

Save management time by automatically capturing and categorising precise data for effective planning

Get better prices with timely yield data and historical production trends

BumperCrop's labour management and operational software has been designed in partnership with greenhouses for seamless integration into existing workflows and processes.
Radio Tag Scanning
Quickly scan data with tags for rows, tasks or staff
Deploy individual scanners or shared tablets
Select the best option for your operation
Offline Data Sync
Devices that go outside of connection range automatically sync when back in range
Score work quality
Managers rate work to provide an aggregate score

Gaven Naylor, Owner at FreshWest Capsicums

“I can now get better prices for my product by having access to live data on the volumes coming off the plants and the number of bins from each row.”

Eleanor, Manager at Blooming Hill Flowers

“The system is easy to use and provides important information. I can easily see which people are doing their jobs well.”

Brainder, Employee at Lee Wang Cucumbers

“The scanner makes it very easy to record tasks. I like getting credit for the work that I do”

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