Labour Management that Improves Staff Performance

Realtime performance data that motivates staff.

Encourage efficiency and teamwork among your team.

Plan and organize more effectively, saving management time.

Automated reports that uncover new ways to improve.

Improve revenue by forecasting yield more accurately.

Customisable to Your Organisation

Select Your Own Hardware
Works with iOS, Android, smartphone, tablets or desktops. Use your existing hardware or choose from BumperCrop's recommendations.
Staff or Supervisor Led
Elect to have individual staff or supervisors as the primary users.
Configurable Software
Configure features and reports according to your operations needs.

Radio Tags for Seamless Data Recording

Quickly Scan Rows, Staff Badges and More
Designed to make data recording as simple and reliable as possible.
Tags that are Durable and Waterproof
Designed to work in the greenhouse environment.

1 Year Warranty

We are confident in our hardware and will replace it if there are any defects within 1 year.

Rugged Hardware

Tough hardware that stand-ups up in the greenhouse environment. Waterproof and compact. Mount anywhere without a cover.

Long Battery Life

BumperCrop is built to last with a 5 year battery life under normal operating conditions.

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