Managing Staff During the Severe Labour Shortage Period

How to improve labour efficiency and free up time

The lack of backpackers and seasonal workers has made competition for staff intense. As a result, growers have less time to focus on critical planning activities. Labour management systems are providing growers an immediate solution that improves their existing workforce productivity.

Every bit of time growers claw back is more time they can spend planning and ultimately earning more from their crop. Growers rolling out BumperCrop’s Labour Management System have seen a 10-20% performance improvement, because staff now know they will be rewarded fairly based on their work.

Roger Liu, Assistant Grower at New Zealand Gourmet Mokai, uses BumperCrop’s system to run an efficient operation by setting specific targets for staff. “They understand expectations better with detailed figures that improve performance in this severe labour shortage period.”

BumperCrop has fine tuned their system to make roll-out fast. Growers don’t have time to set-up complicated systems and need to see immediate benefits.

As an example, this is how long it takes most growers to set up BumperCrop’s Labour Management System:
- Consultation: 20 minutes
- Setup trial: 30 minutes
- Expand to the rest of your site:1-2 hours

BumperCrop’s pricing is primarily subscription based, which means upfront costs are small, you don’t get locked in, and making a decision is easy.

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