Staff System Comes at the Right Time as Growers Seek Efficiency


Frans van Dorsser, Managing Director at Blooming Hill Flowers 


The BumperCrop system makes it very easy for Blooming Hill Flowers to record their work and for managers to gain new insights from the data. Staff use individual mobile devices to scan WorkWave™ tags which ensure accuracy. The data is then sent to the cloud for automated analysis and report generation.


At Blooming Hill Flowers, understanding employees' speed and the quality of their work is key. For other growers, seeing the amount being picked off each row, or reporting problems found by staff are important. Automatically recording timesheets for staff is another popular feature. Once growers start using the system, they often uncover unexpected insights, such as revealing  that some employees who they thought were not high performers are actually very efficient.


Staff management systems are being deployed in many high efficiency operations across the globe, but there was a gap in the market for a system that is both affordable and doesn't get in the way of staff doing their jobs. Off the shelf devices are a good fit, owing to their affordability and how adaptable they can be. Growers are not locked in to a particular vendor and the system can adapt with them if their needs change. Overall, organisations have found that the system  frees up managers’ time and allows them to reward their best performers 


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