Staff Efficiency

Labour Efficiency

Maximise Efficiency
Improve staff happiness, employee productivity and generate higher profit margins.
Gain insight into staff behaviour and habits, allowing staff to be recognised, rewarded, finish work earlier and have their potential maximised.
Benchmark against a known profile of high performing employees and to compare across different sites.
Timesheets + Payroll Integration
Eliminate paperwork and the improve the accuracy of timesheets.
View worked time, break times and tasks completed automatically.
Integrate data directly into your existing payroll system.

Built-in Flexibility
Control the amount of data you collect or share, making change management easy.
Choose to track the completion of rows, time spent on rows, or the amount picked from each row (piece rate).
Automatically assign row data such as variety and number of stems and categorize reports accordingly.
Access data online, schedule email reports, print PDF reports, or display dashboards on T.V. monitors.
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